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Janice is a singer/songwriter, jazz vocalist, musician, voice-over talent and producer. She became a popular performer of jazz and pop standards for a decade at top historic hotels in Dallas at the Melrose Library Bar, Rosewood Mansion Bar, and Lion’s Den at The Stoneleigh Hotel. She self-produced her first album entitled,

" Fever", stemming from her most requested songs. From a love of sultry sirens like Julie London, Peggy Lee, and Rosemary Clooney, Garner self-produced an EP entitled Jazz Prequel. She sings the classic American and Jazz standards, “What’s Your Story Morning Glory?”, “Come-On-A-My-House”, “Lover”, “Let There Be Love”  and “A Cottage for Sale”.  Richard Bourcier of Jazz Review said, 'Janice sings ballads with a sexy and breathy style that really demands your attention. "A Cottage for Sale" stands out as a personal favorite.'


Her 2016 release, "Where Did All The Love Go?", was written in 2007. It was powerful then and even more so today in 2021 given the state of our society. She says, "While there is so much bad happening in the world today, there is also so much good. This song is a call to action. Change starts from within and we all have the ability to change, to transform not only our lives, but our world.

We CAN make it a better place".


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